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Saturday, January 30, 2010

♥Babies again♥

New kittens!!

Last 4 days baru je dapat 3 more kittens unfortunately tggl 2 kittens only one of them was dead. And one more little cat call "ketot".So that total up to 1 adult cat 4 little cat (about 3-5 months) and 2 kittens. Wow!
Dorg neh la pengarang jantung ku at home. My guardian angel ekh to my sayanggnye favourite lagu. Always sang it to me before i go to sleep :p. Rumah dah mcm rumah kebajikan tucen2 pulak Ahaks. Nak wat cane sape suh dorg sweet. My family and my bf loves cat very much. HEHE. Tp kan tucen my bf lagi somel rase macam nak curik je satu. Sayanggg can i have one? :p

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