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Friday, December 26, 2008

♥Review days of 2008.♥

2008 sweet and worst memories that i will never forget.They are:

a)Shima's Besday. (March 2008)
She is my friend.I love her.The friend of mine that i've been trusted.Hapy Besday Shima. Maybe this is the last year we are celebrating our besday, right? Because currently she are going to further her study in Malacca and i dont know when we can meet each other again.Miss you.

b)Bye Bye Diploma.(April 2008)
I was a student from UiTM Merbok,Kedah. Before this,I was doing Diploma in Business Studies for 3years since July 2005 to April 2008. Finally, i had to leave Kedah and honestly i felt very sad because i had to leave Kedah and I miss Kedah very much. I miss my friends especially my roomates. I miss the environment, my room, my study table, my bed and everything there.Oh my god!

c)My "HORROR" birthday. (April 2008)
I was born on 11th April 1987 and that will make me 21st this year.This year, i planned to be with my soul on my birthday however my birthday turn into a big, scary nightmare. I will never forget where am i and what am i doing on my birthday.i hope it will never happen again.

d)Surprise Besday Party by Yoouthers. (April 2008)
Yoouthers made a Surprise Besday Party for me at Berjaya Times Square and also be the 1st Gathering for Yoouthers. Thanks a lot to all yoouthers. I really appreciated it.Nice to have a friends like al of you.

e)Soul's Besday. (May 2008)
One of the most important day for me.I wish i could make him hapy every single seconds.

f)My 1st Anniversary. (June 2008)
12 months being together. However, we are not seen each other because of some reasons. So bad. I wish i had a great moment on my second anniversay.My love to him grows and spreads faster and bigger.

g)Welcome to Degree. (July 2008)
I further my studies in BBA (Honest) in Finance at UiTM Shah Alam. Everyting was new for me and i felt uncomfortable.I still missed Kedah.

h)My MyVi. (July 2008)
I owned a car. It was a MyVi. It made me easy to move, especially from my house(shah alam)to campus and to back home (KL).

i)Athirah Aziz's Besday. (August 2008)
She was my sister. She is 15 and fuckin kewl. I love my sis very much.Good luck for her PMR.Still in CBN huh?

j)N81. (September 2008)
I switched to N81. As well as my sister (Athirah Aziz);)).

k)Mum's Besday (October 2008)
It was 23rd of October.Hapy Besday Mama.I love you.Actually my beloved auntie's besday also in October.Hapy Besday to My Auntie too. and also my friends :)).

l)Nabilah Aziz's Besday. (November 2008)
Another sister who are 10 years old. Happy Besday Ella! My huliday begin after struggling on the final exam.

m)Graduation. (November 2008)
I have graduated with Diploma at Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam on 23rd November.;))

My new future to carry on with my souls. We go on registered at the SSM.;))

o)Dad's Besday (December 2008)
My Beloved Dad Besday on the 29th of December ;)). Hapy Besday!

I hope 2009 will bring hapiness and i will success more and more. ahahahahaha.

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