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Friday, December 19, 2008

♥18th of every month = Heaven of love :))♥

For every 18th of month,means hapiness to me. It was a symbolic of my love or the heaven of my love. 18th will be history of mine.But this month of 18th was very special compared to other months,you know why? Because my love has grown for 18 months with my sayangggs. Yes, we have been together for 1 year and 6 months = 18 months.Sayangg, its been 18 months on this 18th we have been together and i am hapy with you.My support will always with you.My love will always spread all over you.and I got the opportunity to know you better.Ingat sayanggg, we will be together in what ever condition oke. You sacrifes a lot to me.Thank you. Yes we are celebrating it a bit early this month, so i felt kind of weird,where i have to be alone on our day and i know you have work to be done.I hope next 18th will be more happier than this tyme.Ouh ya, actually 18th of this month (18.12.2008)is the tyme to check my result. I thought my result will be worst. But, it was better than what i am expected. I am very grateful and hapy of my result. I will work hard for the next sem.Alhamdulillah :)).

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