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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

♥I am wondering of 2009.♥

january is already 29. and its been 2009 was just 29days came into people live life.Hapy and mery new year of 2009. starting january i have been busy with the school,i dont want to play anymore, lets work hard and finish up my study and then i can start my own life.It was what i am going to do this year.Dreams will never come true if we are not think or plan of it.I will make my dreams come true.

Life was getting complicated nowdays, economic are slowdown,politic are not stable, so ppl have to work. Family needs my attention.Be more responsible. Peeps matter, whether it still in the beginning of year a lot had happened. That makes me wonder what am i going to face later.

There was a joy i faced, i go shopping with my sister. Together- gether with my soul ;)).i miss them a lot. i miss my family and my soul. They always support me on whatever i do and also number of peeps that do understand me.

And im going to be 22 this year. Very 2 of numbersss. It shows young, yes really young.i am waiting of my big daysss.and i hope that all will run smooothly this year.

Lots of Love,

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