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Saturday, December 13, 2008

♥I am waiting for HISTERIA.♥

HISTERIA is the horror film made by James Lee,which the film i am waiting for this year. Finally, Histeria will meet audience at the cinema on the 18th of December at all 47 cinemas all over Malaysia.Starring by Liyana Jasmay,Scha,Ainul Aishah, Vanida Imran,Norliana,Talya, Adiputra and others. Histeria ia a Hollywood Version of Horror Film,made by James Lee, the 'indie'director which is known by directing 'Beautiful Washing Machine' and 'Before We Fall In Love Again' that won the Award of Best Short Film Asean at International Film Festival at Bangkok 2005. Histeria is the horror movie happend in the private college. 7 naughty students (Alissa, Murni, Tini, Junita,Marina, and Kerek) named their group as Pink Girls, pretend to be hysteria that makes their teacher called 'bomoh' to cure them. However, their action leads them the punishment on cleaning the college area for 3 days starts from the semester break.All of them are being gathered in one scary dorm.When there is a new student (the prefect), Zeta which ask to look on that girls are seem interested to join the Pink Ladies, then the groups want to test Zeta before being accepted into their group. They ask Zeta to sleep at the haunted lab for one night and they start to tease and frighten Zeta. Well, Zeta did it as Pink Girls ask her and being accepted into the group.Zeta is actually do have feeling toward Alissa, the leader of Pink Ladies.One night,Junita took something that not belong to her and starts all that.. aiyarrkkk penat la nak citer. If you are interested just go and watch HISTERIA oke? =DD

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