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Saturday, December 21, 2013

♥Wedding Prep -Checklist♥

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

This is my 1st post as b2b where i will start to share my wedding preparations. 

Sambil survey and baca blog others b2b and sementara masih punya masa terluang untuk update, baik ambil peluang.

Ohh my elbow is getting better. Can move many part but still on medical leave. Have to be patient a lot.

So, the 1st thing i made to ease my wed prep is doing my own wedding checklist, budget and so on. Ada banyak contoh checklist kalau korang google. And kalau korang beli majalah Pengantin Januari 2014 edition will get one compact also. Tapi kalau nak yg specific punya, buat sdri je la. Tak susah pun. Senang la b2b nak check what to do, who to be call, when to do this and that, when to find this etc. Some of u can also try to find and download Wedding apps on your Iphone. It is more to barat la but u can always add n remove items that u want.  It depends on which method u prefer.

My wedding checklist i put in one folder/file. So if got any designs, idea, budgets, suppliers semua akan diupdate dlm folder. Sometimes sketch pun ada. Kiranya jadi wedding planner for your own wedding la. Best and puas hati.

sekadar hiasan

After dah ada checklist, im looking forward to decide on place, date , tema , warna , num of guest and budget for majlis nikah, resepsi and bertandang. Next post will be on Dewan Resepsi. Check it out!

p/s: Dewan resepsi dah booked after survey done, FYI. 


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