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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

♥Dewan Resepsi♥


Entry kali ni nak share la ngan semua b2b pasal pemilihan dewan resepsi for my wedding in Sept, 2014.

My family and i agree that my  reception should be held in a very nice hall. So, i did my own dewan list to be survey and the important thing must be in around KL.

Here i share survey result of dewan that had been listed :

a. Dewan International Youth Centre (IYC)
My parents mmg suka dewan ni + got parking space + Dewan also very big. This dewan comes with meja+kerusi bersarung+PA system+Karpet Merah+Bilik Pengantin bersiap but they have their own caterer. Quite near to us.Not choosing this hall because fully booked on Aug + Sept +Oct 2014.

b. Dewan Berlian & Dewan Intan LJT
Dewan Berlian wow me, and obviously prefer Berlian. Around 350pax can fit in one time. Wana, staff that attend my family also been very nice. They got package which make easier but still didn't choose them because of the date but nearly choose them. Most Saturday picked up and can only afford to fit around 350pax at one time.

c. Dewan Gemala Sari, RISDA
Come out with catering package together but not attract me.

d. Duchess Palace Jalan Ampang
A bit costly tapi tempat cantik.

e. Dewan Maju Junction.
In the heart city of KL, afraid of road congestion, a bit far compare to other dewan.

f. Kg Pengantin
Come out with package. Nice and big hall. Beautiful garden terrace deco. Gonna have their own parking space very soon. My parents also like the hall. Since my date is still available then we finally booked Kg Pengantin. 

Wedding Terrace, Sky Garden of Kg Pengantin

Next to be decide, baju nikah, for me and incik tunang.  Dkt mana nak custom made. Will go through Pakej Andaman. and so on.

p/s: Pillih dewan pun dah cukup mencabar.


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