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Monday, December 19, 2011

♥Atie & Faiz Wedding♥

Still remember my previous post on the engagement ceremony of my cousin?

Their story cont ...

Congratulation Atie ♥ Faiz! They are just married!

On the 9th December 2011, there are officially MARRIED which akad done by my uncle himself. Akad nikah was held at their own home at Bukit Jambul Pulau Pinang as long as the kenduri kendara on the next day.

Amused by her nikah dress together with her nice veil. For nikah, i did accompany her for make up session. So, here are the pictures at the boutique.

And photos during nikah to be share.

Kenduri next day, here is the banner.

Their outfit for kenduri at perempuan side, table concept etc.

At kenduri lelaki side at Pan Mutiara.

p/s; Mcm kena hire wedding planner je nnt.


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