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Saturday, April 9, 2011

♥Welcome Home♥

Hey Kuala Lumpur! I'm bck home finally.
However, surviving at resort wasn't bad at all.
i love the fresh air, cool climate and the scenery so much.

My journey was quite challenging - driving up to the hill ;)
But i just love and enjoy my driving.

And for sure ada photo yg smpt disnap. Jum lihat hahaha


Blur sikit.

Welcome to Fraser'sss

With the other staff.

Snap Snap

Cantikan bungeeee, wee

sebuk di tepi bunge-bunge

Itu je la, malas nak upload dah. Weee laen kali upload lagi, sedang dalam misi. Misi ape? biarlah rahsia.

p/s; Waiting for next visit to resort -hve fun!


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