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Friday, April 1, 2011


1st April - Not a very good starting.
My beloved cat was DEAD.

And i can't take a look at my dead cat for the last time, because i'm on the way to the resort. I received this bad news from my sister -thanks sister.

It was nearly 3years, and now hmmm =.=. So miserable. I love him much, please give me back my cat. Even he was not the persian type but he still remain the cutest cat in my life. I still remember how i find him when he was lost long time ago.

Rest in peace 1st April 2011 - White Poppy♥♥♥

Seriously, i love him. My best cat ever- i can't forget you.

p/s; Brunoos and Petit remind me about him. They are similar in color.


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