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Sunday, March 13, 2011

♥Sissy coming bck♥

Wow its been 3weeks, Abie didn't update my blogie!
I really miss my blog, everyday masuk office mesti tatap blog kesayangan dlu.

Yeahhh Abie sgt busy sejak keje skang, new work, new boss, new environment, new experience, and many newww ;)

Okay, Abie promise will try my best to update my blog dgn kerap yea.
So, what's going on ha?
Gempa Bumi & Tsunami at Japan? A big condolence by Abie to whole of Japanese.
Man Utd menang ke atas Arsenal? I told yaaaa ;) Weee glory-glory Man Utd.

The best thing happen today is my sissy akan balik dri PLKN today,
so the three musketeer and The Powerpuff Gilrs dah cukup korum ;)

I feel so alive, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh nak kuar fetch my sissy.
Later update, bye

p/s;Tengs to sume yg sudi follow n visit! Appreciated.


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