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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

♥Abbreviation Generation♥

Early this morning, when i was listening to JJ and Ean i found that their topic were quite interesting. So if you are also lend your ear to the topic discussed by these two crazyman from Hitz.FM, you might have a little idea about my topic right ;)

So, it's really a TREND already!
It's everywhere- Speaking, Facebooking, Twittering and etc.
People shortened the long words or phrases or sentences, its call Abbreviation. HAHAHA Sometimes it sound weirdo
but who cares as many ppl thinks "hey it's cool you know"

Okay let see the most common abbreviations WE used to; LOL,OMG,WTF,WTH,MYOB,BRB, and etc.
But do you know each of abbreviation stands for?

For example;
LOL, an abbreviation for laughing out loud,or laugh out loud,


OMG, an abbreviation for Oh My God.

Actually there are many words have the abbreviation, but our ppl are being so creative where they create more and more of phrases. Usual abbreviation that we always heard for example Dr stands for Doctor,Ms stands for Miss and also name of co like MARA,FELDA, and others.

So do you agree or not we have our own Abbreviation Generation?
Huhuhu,my favourite abbreviation is btw ;)

p/s;Abbreviation nie bukan yg type yg suke rosakkn bahasa tuh-means kepala jadi pale and so on.


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