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Thursday, December 30, 2010

♥Review 2010♥

2010 Sudah tiba ke penghujungnya.

Ini adalah tarikh penting bg saya setiap tahun.

14032010 - Besday my beloved friend Shima Shim

10042010 - Besday best friend Raja Nur Iwani
11042010 - My besday (goin 23 at this beautiful date)
14042010 - Anis Shaharuddin besday. She is my Secondary School buddy at SMKPW ;)
16042010 - Besday Neng Hana.
30042010 - Besday Adi.

03052010 - Edy Besday
17052010 - Kikiey Nadia Besday
31052010 - My Schweeto Besday. ilysmzulhelmifadlimohamad.

18062010 - 3rd Anniversary of me and schweeto ;)

02082010 - Anniversary my parents yang ke 24 ;)
- Besday Angah

04102010 - Besday Beloved Auntie Nor.
23102010 - Besday My mum ;)

20112010 - Besday Nabila - my younger sister.

29122010 - Besday My Dad ;)

Rather than usual date that important to me such as birthday and anniversary these are the big things that i already gone through the year of 2010 ;)

i) Concert.
Several concerts and performance i enjoyed this year. one of them is Tokio Hotel Concert! ;) Others was MTV Concert Paramore and Adam Lambert.

ii) Industrial Training
Already done 5months L.I at MARA HQ Jalan Raja Laut. Meets many new friends (especially Kin)

iii) World Cup 2010
Satisfied with the result. My team was the new champion this year "SPAIN"! Yeay. Waka-waka by Shakira was AWESOME.

iv)Meet up
Meet my ex roomates when im in Kedah at TS ;)

v) Bowling with sis and friends at TS.
Honestly i miss them!

vi) Rantai Art
Two events ; Himpun and Gravity ;)

vii) Demam.
Once a year ;) Mmg tak larat. Tapi this year dah 2-3x kene allergic. tatau allergic makan ape tah. Adoi.Then luka sbb selamatkan kucen.

The most happiest tyme for me were during the World Cup and the most suck tyme was on quarelling with someone which i think it shoudn't be over in bad way. sigh =.=

p/s; Hope next year lebih baik kerana this year mcm tade ONG.


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