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Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥Mama is the Queen of my ♥

Special write..

My mother, the queen of my heart,
Reigns in my sky like a moon,
Pulling the tides of my senses,
Lighting the paths of my dreams.
All melodies hence will play subtly
Against this first, dominant theme
That will turn their most delicate graces
Into harmonies they'll never hear.

Nor can I visit the garden
Where once I lay wrapped in her arms.
The doors of the past will not open
Though I live 'neath a dome of pure joy.

"Happy Mothers Day"
Dedicated to my beloved mama Pn Rohani Asari. ;))



  1. epy moother's day! -ne mrujuk sttus blog ne..
    yunk, buzi erks?
    lame nmpk nye x hapdate BLOG? =))

  2. macam2 jadi kebelakangan neyh la.
    Hurm nnt aku update! ;))

  3. Salam ziarah dari amy...just follow ur blog..pasni jemput la ziarah ke blog amy ye...salam kenal..

  4. Ws Amy. tengs visit my blog ;)) Sure abby dtg blog amy pulak yea.


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