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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

♥Awesome TH♥

TOKIO HOTEL live in Msia
1st May 2010
Central Park Avenue One Utama

Finally they were here in Malaysia last Saturday.
And I was feeling great there.
TH was so awesome especially for their hits such as Automatic, World behind my wall, Monsoon and Noise.
Enjoy all the photos okay ;))

Fans of Tokio Hotel.

They are on the stage.

Bill Kaulitz

His voice for real !

My lil naughty sis.

Tengs sayang yg sggp turun dari Johor for me and accompany me. Ilyzulhelmifadlimohamad ♥

Lastly for all the viewers. Layan video neyh ;p



  1. adeh ko leh kuar mlm kep?
    balik lmbt kot yang !

  2. pergh! gerek bbe...
    x me-ngajak..weks;P

  3. yolah... jaoh.. xde sape y meng-ingati...weks;P

  4. ceh...mentang2 aku duk ngan family..huhh..xpe..tggu aku duk single..hahaha..dh lm aku jd bek ni.

  5. adeh neyh ag sorg taching.
    aku faham ko la weyh ;p
    yep len kali ckp mcm neyh.
    bile KITA duk same nnt no probs oke ;p


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