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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♥Busy Week♥

Sory 4 being busy ;D

Start 1st April dah ade musibah. But i had been the strongest girl on the PLANET. Settled up the problems where my money melayang about RM800. Nice one.

With those accident and study matters such as test quizzes presentation and so on. Bengang with my groupmates and so on. I still managed to smile ;D. But yesterday i got fever. DAMN !

SEKSA sgt bile got fever. nak makan sume tade selera. Doc kate i kene resh manyak2 and jgn skip tido. taw pulak dea i rajen skip tido! Huhu mmg ta dinafikan i berjage wat kje and study sume. Ta sangka pulak nak demam!

April mmg byk mmbr yg celebrate besday kot. haish byk sampai ta terlayan. Next post i'll reveal all the april babies ;DD Yang berkongsi tarikh pun ade. Besfwen pun ade ! And final exam is just around the corner. For those yg sedang industrial training pon akan wat VIVA an. so gud luck !

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