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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hapy 23rd Abie Aziz♥
Have a great moment with my Schweeto.
Let it be my secret what am i actually received from my ♥

Tengs to Athirah Aziz,her bf Bosir Nath Omar and Nabela Aziz for their treats.
The Curve and so on was interesting.
Even though sgt penat bru balik dri SEGAMAT ♥

Hope that this year will bring more lucky and happinese !
Especially in my studies and my future job.
and also my relation with all my friends around me ♥

Tengs you all yang wish me through any medium ; phone,FB,MS or YM
Really appreciated and sory if i failed to reply every single messages
happy 23rd also goes to Shazwani Afida and happy 26th to Noh Ismail which share the same date with me.♥

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p/s: Also to one of my BFF which is Raja Nur Iwani ♥ which turn 23 one day earlier than me. Happy 23rd !


♥Thank You♥