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Saturday, March 13, 2010

♥Shima Besday♥

14 March 2010
Happy Besday to you. Happy Besday to you.
Happy Besday to ShimaShim.
Happy Besday to you.

Sweet 23 dear.
ILYDM Shima. You are my best friend ever.
May Allah bless you.
Take good care of yourself.
Good Luck in achieving your dreams.

p/s: Boy kim slm and wish u hapy besday too



  1. whoaaahhhhh,,,itu pic sayer...
    abie kate die suke pic tue coz cute sgt..huhuhu..
    time aceh abie,..
    u also my best fren ever after..
    thanx for being wit me owez..
    thanx sgt2..
    aku syg ko sygt2 k...

    p/s:ckp kt boy thanx tau..

  2. ngeee. yup its u ;p
    my pleasure dear ;DD
    i love you to dear!
    oke nnt aku smpikan.


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