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Thursday, November 12, 2009

♥Miss Vanilla Yummy♥

owhh my besfwen shima ask me last 2 nights, what is ur favourite ice cream flavour? and i answer back " i love vanilaa yummy".And then while chatting with chot, he told me he is eating the vailla ice cream at that moment. OMG. Actually many people thought that i was the chocolate lovers but they were wrong. The delicious and excitement of having a vanilla ice cream was very incredible.opps.ahahahahaha i can't wait to have the vanilla ice cream,damn. i had a fever. right now but who cares? :p

This is the way to taste and enjoy the incredible of vanilla ice cream! Yay! Vanilla ice cream and clean waffer.♥

Try this one. The vanilla ice cream cupcake.♥

Come enjoy the moment!

Love a lots,
Crazy Abie.


  1. im chocolate lovers.......

  2. im not that can be the chocolate lovers la. sumtimes i choose chocolate the rest was VANILLA!


♥Thank You♥