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Saturday, November 7, 2009

♥Am i being too emotional?♥

"Tiada puisi atau lagu
tiada potret tiada lagu
yang dapat ku ilham seindahmu
nyata kau satu dalam berjuta
wahai jelita kau istimewa"

I was listen to a very sweet song but i was wondering..."is it true that special people will remain be the special one?" Or that word "special" is just for a temporary?

"Any moment everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
for a minute all the world cant wait
let go of your yesterday"

Yes,any moment everything can change especially people. Who is going to be around us,who is going to left us,will changed time to time. The fact is,whether we are letting them go or...oh c`mon, the world cannot wait for us anymore just let go of what we have today. That is how people easily left their previous "special" one.

"And i hate how much i love you boy/girl
i can't stand how much i need you
and i hate how much i love you boy/girl
but i cant just let you go
and i hate that i love you so"

From love turns hate,Oh no its actually hurt. Today we are their special one and tomorrow we are not. We have to accept the fact,the fact that we are no more in their heart we are far away from them.That is how we will lose contact each other and everything memorable will fade away just like the wind.

"Entah masihkah ada cinta dihatiku untukmu
entah kapankah ku dapat membuka hati..untukmu"

When you met a new one, dont simply throw your other relationship. who knows, one day you will need all them back. A lover should trust their partner and dont manipulate or control you. A jealousy should exist but in the right way and be rationale.That is love and friends being a most important part in our life.

Dedicated to all that have know me. Truly, i am afraid of losing all of you because some has just did just because they cannot remain this relationship anymore or giving out so many excuses.Did you care or am i just being too emotional?

P/s: i really mean it.For my sayang, i love you.

Truly Sadly Madly


  1. remember dis sentence..

    ~just ignore d useless thing..better we handle them rather they handle us..dont let them control everything..fren n love can change over n over but life was never been replaced..but we can renew certain part...~

    dis sentence was given by my very beloved fren...i jus call her MS.BiVanilla..she was gave me during i lost sum1 dat i really love..i hold her words n keep it carefully in my inbox..diary n inside me...dis words makes me strong n feel better..

    huhuhu..ko tau..sum1 ckp ngan aku yg boy n gurl x leh jd kwn rapat coz satu hari nnt akn ade perasaan lain antara mereka..yup..its true..aku akui..klo kite x pndai kwl perasaan kite dlm berkawan..kite sendiri yg sakit..x slah kn if kite blaja tuk jd kuat terhadap diri sendiri n kuat tuk lawan perasaan sendiri..n x slh pon tuk lepas kn org yg kite syg kt org laen..sbb..ape di tggu pd sesuatu yg x pasti jd milik aku..mak aku x lahirkan aku untuk teros menunggu sesuatu yg x pasti sampai mati..byk lg yg perlu kite lalui n byk lg yg sedang menunggu kite di depan sana...

    jgn terlalu tamak dlm memiliki sesuatu..cukuplaa syg yg kite dpt dr sum1 yg btol2 istimewa dlm diri kita..xperlu mncari syg yg lain..hargaila ape yg kite ade..coz bile die dh ilang dlm idup kite..die akan terus melangkah tnpa berpaling lg...

    love ur sayang..

  2. MS.BiVanilla?i know her much! (:
    well darl im not really believe that boy n girl will never be a best friend or close to each other.

    ta blaja dr kesilapan kan aku neh? dlu pun penah jadi gakkan. but u know kan not all boys n girls can 'masuk' with me. they dunt suit wit me la. thats why la i love ppl around me damn much and afraid of losing them.

    but i have to be strong la because they are not mine forever! im fighting it right now and hope soon i'll be better.

    Tengs for ur words such a valuable inspired me.

    me love u too.
    the vanilla lover ;p


♥Thank You♥