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Thursday, October 8, 2009

♥sexual harrasment♥

hi girls and guys.

just wanna share with all of u my story. It happend two days ago whereby my housemate and i have been attacked. I'm just sharing to remind you especially girls who stay at commercial centre sec 7 shah alam (PLUMBUM) to beware of this sex maniac. He is an indian guy. Until now, we' ve been attacked for the past two night. I mean its on midnight eh eh morning la around two a.m.

On the 1st night that i hv been attacked (7th october), i was alone at my hall studying. and i got tired and was ready preparing to sleep, but i heard a car alarm that took me to the window and was looking at my car. As, i was very worried regarding my car condition as many ppl was "lepaking" nearby my car, i noticed that sumbody was staring at me from GIFFARINE (near to BANGI KOPITIAM). And wave at me, try to call me. But i felt very weird as i dont even know him. Around 2.20am somebody was knocking at my door that makes me so nervous, cuak, shaking and whatever. And again he was knocking again at 2.55 a.m.

Enough for the 1st day, last night we have been attacked AGAIN!!!! This time, he put the BLUE VCD under my door. Luckily, my housemate who were studying at that time realize it and told us, after that he start to knock the door again, OMG. Second time he was knocking, this time he is trying to open my house lock. Was it very scaryyy huh??? We called police and make a report then, police officer told me that if he is knocking for the third time, just call them back. They will proceed to our house. And guess what? YES, he still knock my house door and this time he was trying very hard and aggressive to open my lock.

This afternoon, my housemates and i had already make a police report. and we are wondering what will happen tonight.

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