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Friday, September 4, 2009


Hapy fasting all, sorry being so busy. Im currently studying for the next test tomorrow, but still able to post something here. Mish my blogger, hehe. So, eids will be just around the corner and the FINAL EXAM is getting near. I do not know why im so excited upon my studies this semester, but that was a good sign.

Many problems just occured,but i managed to face all that.Honestly, sometimes i feel so sad and regret of my past but i know i have to stand up and improve it.Im going to be successful this time, all that problems are just the games or obstacles before succeeding.

So how about your fasting? For me, quite meriah at first but lame-lame getting bored la bile nak choose mknan nk berbuka.ahaha at last mkn murtabak or roti john je. Its good time for diet, eat less.;))

Keep in touch later.

P/S: Currently listen to I Don't Care by 2NE1 ;))


  1. bie...
    di mane kamu...
    aku rindu same kamu...
    caiyok bie..
    dont look backward..
    look foward..
    take past as learning process..
    i noe u can do it...
    keep it up this sem..
    i will be owez wit u k my dear...

  2. darl,im here.
    mish u too la, sms or call la.
    tengs ekh, i will nvr forget u.


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