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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

♥Hey! I'm still breathing.♥

wahh i miss my own blog la. Its been a very long time since the last time im posted my story (about 2 months, if im not mistaken.) Here i want to update what am i doing right now. So after 2 months working and enjoying myself, im back to study!. However, i feel not so lucky this time as i have to be more strong to go through my journey. Quite shocked and quite dissapointed.

But i believe in myself, i will never let ppl down.That's true when ppl said that, we have to sacrifes something in order to have or enjoy something else. Like opportunity cost and so on ...., hahaha comes to economics (i'm not going to blurring myself again.)

When can i finish up my studies? i really hope, it will be over soon.Macam sakit je i neh kan kan? Maybe i neh tension sgt, there are so many problems and obstacles that i have to face. Ya Allah, berikan lah ku petunjuk, Amin.

Looks like im not very okay, yes thats true. My studies, my housemate and others really makes me crazy. But i'm still breathing and alive. Thanks God.Alhamdulillah.


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