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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

♥Majlis Pertunangan.♥

After finished my last paper on the 8th in the noon, my family and i went to Ipoh because we are attending my cousin punye majlis pertunangan.Actually we want to Ipoh and have a rest before the majlis which is the next day; on 9th of May at Taiping ;).

I can't believe it, because it was very sudden. Only 1 week before the majlis we've been informed and it was a private ceremony la among families je. Before this tade dengar ape2,btw CONGRATS ekh. His fiancee pown very SUWEET ;).Hope u all cepat2 get married, jangan tunggu lame. I'll pray for your hapiness.

Rase excited gak la bile my cousin neh nak bertunang kan kan, and his future father and mother in law pun quite peramah tao. Tapi yang boring, asek kene bahan je dgn our BIG family la. They say who turns will be next. They are all meant it to the 3 of girls, which are my twin cousins (his sisters) and me- group of 87 babies. Ye la yang mamat ag sorg tuh trlepas coz dea ta attend majlis cos demam (he is one of the 85 babies).

22 is still young what. Insyaallah if ade rezeki nnt, smpi la turn masing - masing. ahaks.Actually, i tatao pun yang my cousin punye fiancee neh dulu satu kampus ngan i tyme kat merbok. Last minute bawu tao arr, ptt cam penah nmpk je muka akak neh. ;bb

Here are some photo yang sempat di snap.

♥my cousin fiancee; welcome to our FAMILY♥

♥My auntie sarungkan cincin.♥

♥Next,pakaikan rantai tangann.♥

♥From left,My uncle and auntie, My cousin Fiancee, and Her Parents.♥

Semoga Berkekalan Mohd Helmi ♥ Nur Hafizah.

p/s: congrats to Adi's sister too yang bertunang on the next day, 10th of May. Adi dapat abg ipar. Yea yea. ;bbb

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