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Monday, February 23, 2009

♥DEATH diet!♥

You probably know this phenomenon: In advertisements, models are always skinny, with a flat belly and a tiny ass. Many women want to look like in the advertisements. They believe they must be thin in order to be pretty. To be thin, they have diets that are not always healthy, and some become anorectic.

In my opinion, and many men will agree with me, a woman doesn't have to be skinny in order to be pretty. Sometimes, the extra weight makes the woman look more feminine. In general, men like women in all sizes and shapes.

Of course, health is important. But a death diet will never help them, whether they do realise or not. All they want, is to be thin. No more fatness.Lately,people around me have gone trying to be a dietic person as they hope to weight off a lot in short period of time. I think sometimes they tend to be ridiculous person. How they want to weight off by avoiding IMPORTANT "breakfast",and at least a very light dinner? They don't eat much, they just ate apple per day and without exercising it was very RIDICULOUS and they tend to loss 20kg in 2 months time.

They don't even loves theirselves.They torture theirselves, the problem was just a wrong dietic plan! They thought without eating they could reduse weight healthily. Yes,they are forgetting about their health conditions.Here are my advices to them, hope they are reading my post.

First you need to have before you plan to diet,is to REALIZE! realize what is your problem, did u need a diet program, what is your bmi? what type of dieting program that suits you,after making a conclusion of this, then

You have to be STRONG enough to do or achieve your own diet goals.STRONG does not mean just you are willing to take a less quantity of food, you must know that you have to sacrifies more.You must do the routine, you must not cheated, you must not skip any of routine of the diet programme. For example, i have a friend who are on her dietic program, she is realise her own problems but the problem is she is not strong enough to go through her dietic program as she couldn't control her quantity of carbohydrate.

I warned you that DIET, thats not mean by NOT EATING. It is actually taking a less quantity of food. As my experience before, i started with taking a less quantity food slowly such as my carbohydrate. I ate less "nasi", reducing the quantity slowly to about 2-3 spoon of rice daily only right now and ate more protein and vitamin for my "lunner". Breakfast will be important for such a dietic person. Ate before 6pm, remove all carbonat beverages,fast food, junk foods,eat healty foods, but in less amount. Plan on your diet menu wisely. and be STRONG to follow it.

Lastly, physical movement.After focusing on our menu,as a measure to reduce weight. We than move on to shape our body by exercising or jogging. Take a 20mins walk, or jogging per day OR if you are busy woman, you could try 3x per weeks or works on weekends. It was a ideal way for our diet.

Our stomach are easily hurt, so make sure that you did not do a sudden DIET. and if you are not strong enough please don't move on with your DEATH & STUPID dietic program.I cannot bear to see people with their crazy diet, and i don't believe in pills. The best way to have to advices from the doc or specialist regarding your problems and dietic program. I hope you will succeed.

Lots of Love,

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