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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

♥New Job♥

"Happy Labour Day Malaysian"
Ucapan ikhlas dari Abie Aziz untuk semua.

So in this entry, i would like to share that i already got a new job
(Congrats Abie). It's permanent.
So i am not part of tigers anymore.
I moved to another good company (hopefully). I am Pru, still an Exec.
My reporting day will be tomorrow- 2nd May 2013 
after passed both interview and a medical check up.

I really hope that i could learn and gain experience and knowledge here.
 Coming back early than before when i was yellow black themed company, 
so i have more quality time to rest and to spend with my family, love and friends.

I am going to be in the Valuation-Singapore Team. 
So i have to consider Malaysian and Singapore Holidays and Public Holidays.

I hope that could give and serve best. In sha Allah.

Happy Working!

p/s: Miss all the former colleagues. Thanks to Eyla for the love pillow.


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