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Friday, March 29, 2013

♥Love Songs♥

 When i was listening to music from my blackberry today, i remember of some of the love songs that Mr. Schweeto had sing to me before this.

Sounds sweet and romantic isn't it?  

Here are the list of songs that Mr. Schweeto did sing for me, 
(maybe i'll missed some of the songs). 

You and Me -(Lifehouse)
Only One-(Yellow Card)
If You Were Mine -(Marcos Hernandez)
Your Guardian Angel - (The Red Jump Apparatus)
Fall For You -(Secondhand Serenade)
No Promises-(Shayne Ward)
Just The Way You Are - (Bruno Mars)
For The Rest of My life -(Maher Zain)

p/s: Sayang, please reminds me of the songs and thanks for singing and dedicating it to me.


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