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Monday, March 25, 2013

♥KL Twin Towers @LIVE 2013 & Earth Hour♥

Hey, as been tweeted i spend most of my weekend to the KL Twin Towers @ 2013  on 22nd and 23rd March 2012. 

Plus last Friday memang i cuti to attend job interview and after that bersiap ke konsert.

@TTalive flyers
 Actually, i'm coming on Friday pun just want to listen to Demi Lovato's voice. She was very beautiful and energetic on stage and performs well in live performance.  Wlwpun dia perform last, but still wait just and felt satisfied!

This is her first time in Malaysia.

Then, on the next day pulak i'm coming to see 2NE1 live. Also their first appearance in Malaysia, they also managed to speak in Bahasa quite good.

 The crowd was so excited and also celebrate Park Bom's birthday with a cake. They had sing Fire, Can't Nobody, Lonely, Ugly, I am the best and I love you. The first Korean Girls Group that i love since their first single "I don't Care".

 Backstreet Boys was performing after 2NE1 and also was the last performance of the night.

It was phenomenal when along Jalan Ampang was jammed for awhile during their performance. Most of motorcycle and cars park nearby and stop just to watch and listen to them.

This was the photo of KL Twin Tower during Earth Hour moment.

p/s: Actually ramai lagi yang perform, it is just i reviewed only for my fav sahaja. Happy Earth Hour guys! 


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