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Friday, April 13, 2012

♥Sambutan Jubli Perak♥

11 April 2012
Sambutan Ulangtahun - Jubli Perak

Firstly and foremost, thanks a lot to all my friends yang sudi memberikan ucapan ulangtahun pada Abie.
Some of the wishes, Abby terima earlier than that.
And a few mins before 12 am, i have been receiving so many calls, sms, bbm, fb wishes and so on.
Unfortunately, i was so sleepy and can't even answer calls.
Tak salah tertido jam 11 mlm, lagipun sekarang Abby mmg tido awalkan sejak bekerja. Around 3 am, baru la tersedar dari tidur.
And i've found so many wishes on my bb and begin to reply them one by one.
Guilty pulak tertido.

You guys were awesome!
The whole day, i've been replying yr wishes whether i was driving, and so on.
Thanks also to Schweeto sbb belanja pergi Redbox.
We really have a good time with my superb siblings.
Thanks for my family for a great dinner.

This year was very special as it falls on the Malaysian Public Holiday- due to the Installation of the New King.
And was shocked due to the Tsunami Alert.
However, nothing bad happen especially to Malaysian except for the Acheh.

As for the birthday wishes, i hope that i will getting more matured in making of any decisions.
Be a good human being, a good daughter, a good worker and all others good.
Kahwin? OMG, a favourite question. Soonnnn.
Please give me and schweeto some times.
We still works on it.

Deep from my heart, thanks to all. Thanks for your support and so on.

p/s; I love you' olls ;)


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