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Sunday, January 1, 2012

♥Happy New Year 2012♥

Finally, it is 2012.
For all visitors, readers and buddies.
Hope this year will bring more happiness and more opportunity to us, live the life with full of respect and gain the success as well.
Azam? Hopefully, i'll get bigger opportunity on my career, and opportunity to move my relationship with schweeto to the higher level (what's that mean ? hahahaha). Ala, atleast get engaged ke kan? And last but not least fulfill my duty to Allah! Tak nak miss2 dah. Ekh one more, nak kumpul gadget! Yeahhhh.

So tu je la azam tahun ini. Takmau banyak2.

What about yours?

p/s; Tido awal! Nak attend engagement ceremony bestfriend esok dkt Senawang.


  1. kami singgah sini . .
    and ,
    nakk say HAPPY NEW YEAR . .
    pssttt ,
    sory yehh . .
    lambat dua hari . .
    hehe :D
    jomjom singgah ke blog kami . .
    ade entry baru :)

  2. No problems! Thanks singgah, HappyNew Year too!


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