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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

♥Counting Days♥

3 days left.
I'm counting days before my upcoming 4th anniversary with my schweeto - Zulhelmi Fadli Mohamad.
Wow, i can believe this.
We have been together almost 4 years.

Yes, the lucky date is 18th June 2011.
We first declared as a lover on 18th June 2008.

Still planning with my schweeto of what kind of celebration that we are gonna do.
Pray for us.

p/s; My hunny- Shima also just gone through her 1st anniversary with Fairos. Congrats!



  1. yeahhhh...congratulation hunn..i still remember, u always waiting for 18th every month and you always celeb it on every 18th every month!! sgt epi nan sentiasa mendoakan anda berdua bahagia epi bile kamu epi my princess..:)
    And now i just waiting for the invitation card..hohohoho..

    Yes..i also count the day n i wish to be with him forever..than my dear:)

  2. Hey u still remember huh?
    Blushing =.=,
    18th would be memorable.

    Thanks hunny, appreciated for having a friend like you.

    Happy for u and fairos too, u all bila pulak? I lmbt lagi lol. Bhahaha

    Love u hunny! Tc yaww.


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