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Monday, April 11, 2011

♥My day♥

Wishing " A happy besday " to myself - Abie Aziz

Today i spent most of my time in front of my PC to reply all the wishes by my sweetest buddies at Facebook. But still managed to do my work.

A day before, i did celebrated it. Shopping and so on unintentionally. HAHAHAHA

*Tengs to Fara, Bihun - Wan.

Today, my officemate buy a cake for me and celebrated again. Thanks kawan especially Fara and Wan. They always cheer me up!

*from left-Wan,Fara & Intan.

Okay for this year- i hope that this year will be better than before. I hope that i'll succeed in my life and work. Managed to retain some savings - so that bule tunang ke kawin ke,Hahahahaha malu-malu:P. But seriously i have to think about this right - adult already ma.

Hope also this rabbit year- will turn into nice moment. Lupakan segala kisah lama yang masam masin or pahit. GET LOST-dushdush. Tanak layan benda-benda bodo, or gaduh ke mcm budak tak matang. I really have to move up. Building up my personality bit stronger.

So mohon maaf pada semua andai ada tersinggung dengan Abie- Seriously i don't like to have a problem with anyone. Doakan la Abie selalu supaya dapat capai apa yang diinginkan.

Buat yang tersayang- thanks syg, u helped me a lot. I love u sayang Zulhelmi Fadli Mohamad ♡

HB to my beloved friends- Wani Afida who share same date with me.

p/s; Byk sgt mmbr lahir bulan April. Huhuhu =.=



  1. apy b-Day my dearie Bie(<3)
    sport sgt azam baru ko..muge segalanya d-permudahkan..
    fwens 4 eve!xoxo


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