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Sunday, December 5, 2010

♥Holding hands- what it really means♥

Anda pernah berpegangan tangan?
Mestilah penah! What a brilliant question kan?
But with who? Your family? Siblings? Friends? Or your lover?
Suka hatilah korang nak berpegangan tangan dengan sape kan.

Actually ada macam2 cara berpegangan tangan sbnarnyew. Siyes!
Mula- mula me myself tak perasan jugak tapi i then realized it after read some info.

Especially when you are dating someone.
Usually a man will hold a woman hands la kan.
And each of their way have their own meaning ;))
Do you want to know. Let's check it out.

i)Classic Grip. (Close)
It means that he likes you!This sweet full contact clasp holds you close. So he can get to know you better. It's his way of saying he's into you ;)

ii)Interlocking Fingers. (Closer)
He's commited! By crossing his fingers over yours, he shows other girls that he already has the one he wants-and tells other guys to back off. Awww ;))

iii) The fingers hook. (Closest)
It means that he's totally comfortable around you- and feels confident you're into him too. So he's not stressing about keeping constant contact. Sweet!

p/s; Anda yang mane satu yea? (Sambil senyum sorg2).



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