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Thursday, November 11, 2010


HAHAHA today, chatting with one of my best friends ever, Wani. And we have one slot where i am delivering all my feelings about something. Actually, she is the only who online this morning.

So, im telling her that i miss someone. I miss a friend who are not really did good to me. And i'm telling Wanie that i miss my friendship with her but she makes me hurt, very very very, and a lot.

I hate when it comes to quarrel or fighting. I simply love my friends, and hard to forget them. Even they are not doing good to me.

Wanie said, you are soft-hearted! If she was in my shoes, she will never remember about her anymore. Unfortunately, im not Wanie.

And now i am wondering, why i feel like this? Hmmmm, be strong Abie. She never ever remember u anymore. Why u still want to be friend with her? Hmmm no matter what she did, i just want her to know, i love her as my friend. Thanks.

p/s; Schweeto mesti marah kerana teringatkan dea, ;'(


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