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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


6 September 2010,

he said that he already have somebody else,
they had been together almost 7 months,
asked me to find another suitable guy,
he also told me that i know who was the person that he story about
and i just started to cry on that raining evening.

Unfortunately, my credit runs out.
I was rushing back home with STAR LRT (KL is very jammed-ppl shopping).
But in the sadness,i was very confusing thinking about the PERSON who took my BF heart,
who is the hell girl???
We've been together more than 3years, and i just can't believe this was happen.

My phone was ringing. (Chenta Musyuk calling...)
I picked up the phone and started to ask about my confusion but my BF was just laughing, he then said " U already webcam with that person, showed earlier."

Webcam? I only webbie with my BF only, and he only had showed his very little kitten only since 7 months ago. Opps... OMG!

(Then laughing)

I was crying in relieved ;)) Not very funny, but it damn hurts. Luckily it was a joke. He was just trying on me, to see my response. Huh,

Kepada orang yang memilik hati ini, saya sayang awak.
Jangan pernah ragu cinta saya pada awak,
Saya tak pernah tinggal awak,
Saya sentiasa bersama awak dan jaga hubungan kita.
Satu lagi, saya sentiasa tahu batas pergaulan saya.
Jadi percaya-lah.
Love u Zulhelmifadlimohamad


p/s: Terkena jugak GOTCHA. cis.



  1. schwet banget bie!
    whahahahhahahaha!! <padan muke ko! cepat na kene wakenebeb! LOL
    can c how much u lap him..auwr!


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