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Sunday, June 13, 2010


WC2010 is just getting started and i just got a little time to update this entry.

For the World Cup 2010 my favourite teams are Spain and England. I guess that Spain will be the champion ;))

They have a charming and consistent game. In addition this European champions do have many potential players like Fernando Torres David Villa David Silva Xabi Alonso Cesc Febregas Pedro and others.

Im the die hard fans of spain ;p

Next is England. The Three Lions are giant from Europe that could be the next champion for this world cup edition. Who knows right?

With Fabio Capello and the stars like Wayne Rooney Steven Gerrard Frank Lampard and others could it works? We'll see ;))

Next the crazy fan of england. HAHAHAH ;p

P/s: how about you? ;))



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