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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

♥MBA or CFA♥

My studies will finish soon.

I'll be graduated as BBA (hons) Finance holder soon.
So i'm wondering what am i goin to do after this.

These are my two options after this and yet its hard for me to decide which to go.

Whether going on my studies in
Master Bus Admin (MBA)
Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA).

Actually i love studying rather than working. Its kinda bored when i have to wake up every week days in morning and do the same things and enjoying limitedly. But i know somehow i have to go through it one day.

I prefer CFA but to take the CFA i must have 2 yrs working experience in industry. DAMN.

While if i decide on pursuing MBA. It took 2 yrs to complete my MBA.

And being the eldest in the family is make my responsible bigger. My dad ask me to work 1st and help my family while in the same time i may think about continuing my studies.
OHH please help me. im in dilemma.



  1. kje je la dulu. bukan senang cari keje zaman skang ni. da dapat keje t leh sambung laja

  2. but takot nnt dah keje kan
    dah rase mls nak blaja blk la zoul! hurm pening. sedang menerima kenyataan bahawa akan menempuh alam pekerjaan :(


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