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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♥Percaya atau tidak?♥

2 things i need in my life! Cannot live without these things
First of all is an APPLE.
Yes an apple a day keeps a doctor away ((;
i love apple.That is my secreto.
i ate an apple almost everyday whether it is GREEN or RED. Good for diet. Agagagagagaga ((;

Next is mineral water.
Hoho always kene ada tao.
I org yg sangat kurang air then doc pesan
"eat a lot of water" kalo ta nnt cepat panas and demam and etc.
Dulu waktu i kat MERBOK
my father and my uncle slaloo anta satu kotak air mineral bile stock dah HABES ;p
tak caye tanye SHIMA my ex-rumate and my exhousemate.
and my BF dulu mcm ta caye ye lahhh slaoo date musti WAJIB ada AIR MINERAL.
dea kate senang bawak i kuar;p
tapi tade-LAHH ta mnum air laen kan.
ade org ngat i ngade but seriously kalo i yg demam ade dorg kesah KE???

p/s: Just being myself!!!



♥Thank You♥