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Monday, February 1, 2010

♥New Enormous Purse♥

My new flexible purse from TLgirl. I bought it about a week ago. got many compartment and whether it was veryvery big but it suits with me that always want to put a lot things in my purse. I can put a little notebook and a pen too. So its easy right? Someone thought it was a diary. Agagaga

Hahaha bocor rahsia. So ini lah antara brg yg berada dlm purse ini. blum letak kunci je. Compartment still ade yg kosong.

From the back view. Design simple je. Plus ade discount postcard for mmbr 30% bru sampai arituh. so ape lagie? Ahahahaha dapat murah je. Still leh selit kertas kat poket blkg tuhh.

Im the member of Tropicana Life since 2007 and i got a lot of discounts and gifts. I love Tropicana Life since i was schooling. TL the best ever.

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