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Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥February babes and dudes♥

Happy Besdayy to them!

Start with Norkhalilah Mohd Rashid. She is my best friend at SMKPW (from 2003-2004). Now the broadcasting student of MASSCOM UiTM Shah Alam. Very friendly and smart ((; Sorry Kell lmbt wish ur besday hari tuh. But will never forget u!

Another bestfriend at SMKPW which is Wan Yusni Adila. She is damn hot now veryvery slim and i am very envy of her. Such a talented girl and she is the future lawyer; Law student of UiTM Shah Alam. Always be around me since schooling then Merbok and now in Shah Alam.

Next is Nur Hilaily @ Lilo. We are friends since in Merbok. She is from Seremban. Very funny pretty and adorable. Always lepaking at my rooms which is just at the next door. Teman gossip2 and manja2.;p She is also currently a student of UiTM Shah Alam.

Nadiah Mastura Md Mustar or nadi. She is very intelligent as well as cute. She is my coursemate since diploma until degree. We can be a very good team because sheis very determined person. Right now she already have a boyfriend and i hope that she will be happy ever after with her boyfie. ((;

First dude is Fitry Mohd Idrus. We known each other since 2000 @ form1 at TBSS. Same class until form3. Now he is working at Seremban. Very friendly and nice. He can be the witness of the changes of me compared to the other sideof me;p Haloo ppl changed right?? Hope that u will be happy with your GF.

Next is Rashide Rahman. A friend of mine. He is businessminded;i can trust him. We known each other also from TBSS; he is my classmate. Uurrmm before this im not very close to him because he is very malu2 kucing ;p but now he communicate well with everybody. Chemical enginnering student of UiTM Shah Alam.

p/s: am i forgetting ur besday?Let me know! Tengs


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