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Saturday, November 28, 2009


♥Sayanggggggg,u buat i geram sgt!. ♥I need more time to talk with you la. ♥I know you are working but i just need a very alive conversation between us. ♥Sory i marah2 u just because i mish you and i want to have some fun with u. ♥Chatting and laughing and others. ♥ In other meantime,when u on9 u will spend tyme especially in gaming so it took so much time and u know that i'll be waiting u even smpi i dh sleep in front of my lappy.♥ Am i too much sayanggggg? ♥OMG why i have to be angry this time x( .♥ I love you ZULHELMI FADLI MOHAMAD.♥

p/s: i really mean it. It`s about us where PAPA(u) and MAMA(i) story.


  1. huuu..sabar b sabar...
    besela tue..die kn keje..
    bile on9..need release tension by gaming...:)


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