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Monday, December 1, 2008

♥HidayahAZIZ's Intro.♥

babe,baby,boys & girls, fwenz and YOU!

me hidayahAZIZ (not s full s in my identification) but u can just call me ABBY or ABIE,,me 21 years old (feel like i was just started my own life),,me was born 11thAPRIL 1987,,wednesday night at 8.45pm in hospital university kuala lumpur (HUKL) a.k.a pusat perubatan universiti malaya (PPUM),,me stay at PANDAN INDAH,kuala is da eldest in my siblings have 2 little sisters (so little ha? :P),, me is cameraholic,,doesnot matter even its just a phone camera,,digital camera,,or dvd camcorder,,always fightin with my sisters on it,,have a lot of collection photos,,me love my lapito,,cant live without my lapito,,my lapito me amor,,me prefer surfing rather than loitering,,me in my own world,,me know how to socialize well enough when needed,,me know how to pamper myself,,me know how to HANDLE myself ,,me is a silent person,,can't believe it? sum ppl might not agree bcuz they dont really know me,,i might be talkative for sum situation especially when i going nervous,,but don't u ever say dat i am kinda of ARROGANT. i am not and i dun't really think so,,and i just like sketching and painting so what?me love SWIMMING much,,it was my hobby b4,,but now i rarely go for swimming but i'll make sure every year i had chance 4 it,,i LOVE dance and cHEERLEADING,,i enjoy dance & CHEERLEADING movie,,

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  1. i like swimming too...and i was a dancer once for my college..huhu


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